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  • VENICE-Infinitely Avant Garde
    Starting:20 August 2022
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    90 Minutes
    1600 years after its legendary foundation, Venice continues to be unique: the urban environment, made of stone, earth, and water, and for its legendary history. But, above all, Venice is unique for its identity as a city of oxymorons, holding together opposing DNA in a formidable contradiction: the allure of decadence, and the frenzy of the avant-garde. VENEZIA-INFINITA AVANGUARDIA is a labyrinth of stories, works of art, palaces, celebrities of social and cultural life, places, extravagances, and traditions. It's a sensory experience made of lights, water, and music. Beside connections and suggestions, testaments flow by of art historians, urbanists, sociologists, philosophers, curators, musicians, writers, journalists, artists, and our contemporaries.