About Us

About Us

Gala twin-cinema is the Illawarra’s only remaining independent and locally owned cinema. The Gala cinema was opened in 1948 as a single screen and was called ‘The Odeon’ at the time. It has since been remodeled and another theatre was added in 1995. Now called ‘The Gala’, the cinema has become a local and iconic landmark.

We have two theatres, both with state of the art digital and active 3D facilities.(See Below) A large variety of movies are on offer for your viewing pleasure, including foreign, local and mainstream films as well as the most recent blockbusters.

You will be amazed at our affordable prices at the box office and candy bar. So come along and enjoy a relaxing comfortable movie experience: our friendly staff would love to accommodate you!


How 3D Works

In the real world, each of your eyes see a slightly different image due to the fact that they are a couple of inches apart. If you hold one of your fingers right in front of your nose you will notice that you can see everything behind your finger. Whatever your finger is blocking from the left eye can be seen by the right eye. Your brain is capable of determining distance based on the differences between what the left and right eyes see.

Theaters use the same principle to produce a 3D effect. The 3D glasses (polarized, stereoscopic, or LCD shutter) are all designed to ensure that the left and right eyes see different things.

How Active 3D LCD Shutter Glasses Work

The small LCD screens in front of the left and right eyes in LCD Shutter Glasses rapidly blink at alternating times. When the projector displays an image intended for the right eye, the LCD screen in front of the left eye activates to block any light from reaching the left eye. Then a split second later, the projector shows an image for the left eye, and the LCD glasses block the right eye from seeing that image. Although this allows the left and right eyes to see completely different images, half the time each eye will see nothing. If this blinking is done fast enough then the brain will compensate and you will not realize that your glasses are blinking.